Gold Earrings are jewelry ornaments that adorn the ear and the metal composition is comprised partially of gold.  Gold earrings are typically not 100%, or 24K, gold.  Gold Earrings come in many shapes and forms.  The most common forms or styles of gold earrings are hoop, bead, and dangling earrings.  We discuss the most popular style gold earrings further down the page.

Gold Earrings are often 14K (out of 24K), which means they are mixed with other, stronger metals to ensure the ring doesn't bend or lose partical.  These other metals typically don't have much value like copper and zinc.  The exception is white gold earrings, as they may be alloyed with palladium which is a more expensive metal than gold.


Gold earrings might also be afixed with diamonds or gemstones to enchance the beauty of the earrings.  Gold earrings are popular with both women and men.  Men typically wear hoop or bead earrings while women wear many different styles including dangling earrings.  Gold cross earrings are also popular religious symbols.

Gold Earrings can range from about $20 to tens of thousands of dollars depending upon whether diamonds or gemstones are mounted upon them.  The raw value of the gold content within a gold earring varies depending upon the (1) weight and (2) purity of gold, or karat.​

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