Brief History

Gold Earrings are amongst the first metal earrings discovered in Ancient History.  According to Wikipedia, "Gold earrings, along with other jewelry made of gold, lapis lazuli, and carnelian were found in the ancient sites in Lothal, India, and Sumerian Royal Cemetery at Ur from the Early Dynastic period."

Gold Earrings were also discovered on the Greek Island of Santorini where the Minoan civilization flourished between 2000 BC - 1600 BC.

The practice of wearing earrings is mentioned many more times in Ancient History.  King Tut's ears were pierced in Ancient Egypt but earrings were not adorned.  Earrings were discovered in King Tut's tomb, however.

The Bible also mentions earring jewelry when Moses was atop Mt. Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments.

The Middle Ages ushed in a new era in jewelry making.  Gold Earrings and other pieces of jewelry became adorned with valuable gemstones although only royalty and very wealthy could afford them.

Gold earrings became progressively more commonplace over the centuries. The Western World would adopt gold earrings as mainstream in the 1950's.  By the 1970's earring piercings were widespread and common throughout the world.​​​

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