Karats & Alloys

​The gold purity of gold earrings is measured in "karats".  Pure, 100% gold is 24K gold, and is soft and malleable for a metal.  Jewelers add alloys to gold to strengthen the metal so it doesn't scratch easily and lose particle, but obviusly earrings don't encounter the wear and tear of rings or watches. 


The most common alloys to mix with 24K gold to create a stronger ally are copper and silver.  Please note that different gold jewelry colors use different metal compositions to attain their desired color. 


Below are composition percentages for common yellow gold earrings:

10K yellow gold earrings composition:

41.7% gold

52% silver

6.3% copper


14K yellow gold earrings composition:

58.5% gold

29% copper

12.5% silver

18K yellow gold earrings composition:

75% gold

15% copper

10% silver

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