Types & Styles

​There are three types of earrings, and within these types of earrings there are many styles.  Some styles are more popular with gold earrings than others. 


Additionally, many diamond and gemstone earrings are mounted in 14K or 18K gold such as diamond stud earrings.

The three types of earrings are the following:

1.  Classic Gold Earrings

2.  Modern Gold Earrings

3.  Alternative Gold Earrings

Within the three types of gold earrings are multiple gold earring styles.  The most popular gold earrings styles include:

A.  Gold Hoop Earrings

B.  Gold Cross Earrings

C.  Gold Chandelier Earrings

D.  Gold Ball Earrings

E.  Gold Clip-On Earrings

F.  Gold Crawler Earrings

G. Gold Ear Cuff Earrings

H.  Gold Barbell Earrings

I.  Gold Plug Earrings

J.  Gold Circular Barbell Earrings

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